Potted history of EFT and how Matrix Reimprinting came into being


1979 Psychologist Dr Roger Callahan started to experiment using meridian points with his patients- tapping over certain 'end points'.  What are meridians- the energy channels that carry our Chi.  Acupuncturists use these meridians to put needles into, we just tap on them. Each meridian is linked to a separate organ, we tap on the end points of those meridians to access the energy within the organ.  Dr Callahan developed algorithms (set tapping sequences) for particular illnesses/ conditions.


Although an engineer as a profession, Gary Craig was interested in personal development and coaching.  He became one of                    Dr Callahan's students and started to experiment further, developing a simple tapping sequence that works for everything (removing the need to remember different sequences) and in 1995 founded what we call EFT.  


Gary Craig then chose 29 EFT practitioners and through rigorous testing those 29 practitioners became EFT Masters.  UK based Karl Dawson is one of those 29.  Karl devoted much of his time to working serious disease with EFT.  Then by fluke, he 'discovered'  and then developed Matrix Reimprinting.  This additional technique gives us the opportunity to reverse detrimental beliefs that we have made during our early childhood. (I’ll talk about this exciting development more in a moment).


In January 2015 I trained with Karl Dawson in both EFT and Matrix Reimprinting and am astounded at its capabilities.  I myself am working on eliminating the symptoms of asthma which I have had since 18 months old, releasing anxiety, fostering a loving relationship with myself.  I have also worked on issues with food and weight and as a result created a programme to help overcome emotional eating

Then in September 2016 I trained with Sharon King, the creator Matrix Birth Reimprinting, and was shocked to discover that we have implicit memories formed during our time in the womb and that the beliefs formed as a result of experiences that our mothers had and our own perceptions of experiences, are often the building blocks for further distorted ideas and perceptions that we carry with us, about ourselves, our place in the world and our value to the world.

Thankfully we have the tools to trace, acknowledge and clear these unhelpful ideas and replace them with supportive ones.

Brain development and Making Beliefs

When we are born up until the age of 2.5 our brain waves work at the level that we call Delta, this is where all our programming happens, we're like sponges soaking up everything around us; learning the rules of life from those around us, particularly our parents/care givers. From about 2.5 years old up until about 6 years old our brainwaves fluctuate between Theta (the place of imagination) and Delta.  You can easily see this in small children- they can create any imaginative game from just a box, or thin air!!  All this information/ learned behaviour resides within our subconscious, allowing our conscious mind (when that -kicks in at about 6/7 years old) to be creative and think/reason things out.  The problem is that negative beliefs are run as programs from our subconscious, are inaccessible with positive thinking/ cognitive awareness alone, and the subconscious runs 95% of the brain patterns!!


How do we make those beliefs?  First let's talk about trauma.  


What is a trauma? A trauma occurs when two things are operating: there is a threat to our survival and we feel helpless.  We often hear about the flight/fight response- no trauma will occur here because there is something we can do- run or fight. However, the other side to this, which is rarely discussed is the freeze response.  If we can't fight and we can't get away, we freeze- we feel helpless; if there is a threat to our survival this is when a trauma occurs. (want to know more? There has been lots of work done on trauma responses but have a look at Dr Robert Scaer's work on http://www.traumasoma.com/ ). Response to threat is a natural 'process' which involves the amygdala, the hippocampus and the adrenal glands.  It's imperative that the body reacts quickly to threats to survival, so the thinking part of the brain is not involved in the reaction. This is a problem when, in our stressful lives, we are triggered frequently.  We become hyper-vigilant, and this level of stress in our bodies leads to all sorts of problems including disease.

Traumas are categorized into two areas; Big T traumas and Small t traumas.  


Big T are events such as physical or sexual abuse, car crashes, tsunamis, earth quakes, rape, assault, operations (for children); big events that have a big impact on us.  The Small t traumas are the small events that effect us and these primarily happen in our early years.  Things such as parents shouting can impact in a big way.  Why? Because adults are like gods to a small child and they cannot be perceived as wrong, so the child blames themselves. The child then makes a decision about himself/herself and/or about the world around him/her.  Beliefs such as "I'm not clever enough", "i'm unlovable", "the world is not a safe place" "I'm bad" etc.  These then run until the metaphorical tape player is stopped, the tape is removed and a new positive one is put in and the play button is pressed.


So how do we change those beliefs?  With EFT we can access the memory bank through the energy of the issue or the emotion presenting, we tap until the emotional intensity is much reduced.  Then with Matrix Reimprinting we can access the ECHO (Energetic Conscious Holograms) which are part of our energy trapped in the trauma, we use EFT on the ECHO, find out the belief/s and then re-imprint a memory that is opposite to that belief.  We do not change what happened in Big T traumas, we go in after the event, and we take out the intensity of emotion and resource the ECHO so that peace/calm/understanding/acceptance is what remains.  We then imprint the new, happier, brighter feelings and send that out into our energy fields and the universe.  For those that understand the Law of Attraction, you will be able to understand how profound work this is.


I'm intending to write a blog about my own progress with the issues that I am working on, so you will be able to see what sort of beliefs I made and how I have run that pattern in my life and what's changing....so watch this space!