Freedom from  Emotional Eating

... changing your relationship with food

What is emotional eating?

It is the habitual practice of eating food, usually sweet or fatty food, when not hungry and in response to feeling uncomfortable emotions, trying to squash or soothe them.  It is often done without conscious awareness and may have an element of secretive behaviour attached to it. 

My Story

Up until a few years ago I'd struggled with emotional eating all my adult life,  disliked what I saw in the mirror and on top of that I have been on countless diets and spent many years counting points, calories and syns.  My head was full of judgements about foods, my weight, my body, my self worth, never coming up to scratch unless my diet was perfect etc etc.  

It was mostly a secret, silent and painful battle, which, as the years wore on, eroded much of my belief in myself and all of my self trust.

My ability to face doing another diet was zero, I strongly felt there must be another way, a normal healthy way!! Because this felt like a kind of panicky, overwhelming, miserable madness!

And I know I am not alone.  


Then I discovered EFT and Matrix Reimprinting and with my tapping colleagues, worked through my issues with food, cleared my triggers, got back in touch with my body's signals and learned to accept and respect myself. Much of the time I even love myself...not in a big ego way, but in a compassionate appreciation of myself. And when I recognise that I am finding it harder I am kind to myself, seek support and tap to clear what's going on for me. 

The Truth

It's not about the foods. It is about the emotions behind the food behaviours; the 'why' of what you do. 

That's why there is a focus on cleaning up what you've make food mean and learning to hear yourself. The programme includes:

  • aspects of self care 

  • recognising your own needs

  • learning to communicate with your body and your subconscious

  • recognising real hunger cues

  • exercises to foster an appreciation, acceptance and love of yourself

  • meditations to calm the mind and body

  • visualisations to focus the mind on what you do want


The result is this programme which I hope you will decide to gift yourself.  The courageous souls that have decided to do this programme for themselves found that the effects spilled into other/most areas of their life, because food issues aren't really about food.  


This is why I am so excited and proud to share this specialised programme that I have created for you; I truly believe it is something that is needed by those who struggle to be at peace with food.


This programme is designed to:

  • help you become aware of your triggers, understand the causes and will give you tools to clear them 

  • enable you to acknowledge and make peace with the emotions that are behind unhelpful food behaviours

  • encourage you to build a good and loving relationship with yourself and your body and learn to trust that relationship 

  • help you feel empowered so you can make the changes that you any area of your life

  • tackle the real causes of emotional eating

  • create a life that nourishes you

  • take you on a 8-10 month journey or discovery and relearning to love yourself

Is this programme for you?

  • Have you struggled to stick to diets only to "fall off the wagon" and then mentally beat yourself up? 

  • Do you wish you could feel 'normal' around food?

  • Do you regularly eat even when you are not hungry?

  • Do feel confused about food and what works for you?

  • Do you use food for company, to alleviate boredom or to change your mood, alleviate stress?

  • Do you eat without really tasting or enjoying your food?

  • Do you feel you can't trust yourself around certain foods?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start when it comes to caring for yourself?

  • Do you struggle to look at your body let alone to accept and love it?


Are you fed up of feeling this way?

If your answer is yes then read on, because this programme will give you the tools and the support to change the eating habits and release the weight of this burden with food. 


What the programme aims to do

  • Teach you skills and techniques that you can use outside of the sessions and for the rest of your life should you need them; keeping the learning and understanding going

  • We will work to highlight and dismantle limiting beliefs, such as "I've been fat all my life; it's never going to change", "all my family are overweight", "it doesn't feel safe to be slim", "I don't deserve to be healthy" etc.

  • Look at past situations that caused stress and body responses to hold onto weight

  • Create strategies to help you in the tough times ( for instance kids home from school wanting tempting snacks, family gatherings where you may eat more than you intend, mid afternoon lull) so that you are well resourced to find ways around the unhelpful behaviours

  • Tackle cravings

  • Look at your reasons for self sabotage (it is your body's way of protecting you, so we need to release that strategy and find a new way)

  • Begin to disconnect food from your emotions, allowing you to understand your emotions and needs and start to treat food and enjoyable, tasty fuel only

  • Start to reconnect you to the 'voice' of your body, so that you can rebuild your relationship 

  • Enable you to see the value of real self care and self acceptance and begin to allow this into your life

  • Help you use visualisation and meditation techniques to enable you to feel calm and peaceful

  • Learn to eat mindfully/consciously

How does it work?

You'll have private 2 hour long one-to-one sessions with me once a week for six weeks, in person or online via Zoom.

Then there's:

  • A comprehensive manual which encompasses the science, the visualisations and all aspects of the work that we cover together, with sheets to track your own progress

  • Access to members only page with downloadable pdfs, mp3s, tapping scripts and videos to support you

  • Support between sessions via email or Facebook messenger (I will aim to respond within 24 hours)

What else you need to know

To get the most out of the programme, you will need to do the homework of self investigation and tapping to help support your changes.

Although I tend to adopt a no-restriction idea about food, this programme has been run along side a well know diet programme and there doesn't appear to be any conflicts.  After all, the programme is about getting to the core of your issues and why you sabotage your own goals. 

How to enrol

The normal price for this transformational programme is £720, but I am offering it for £660; to enable you to say yes to yourself, yes to letting go of old habits, yes to a new way of being around food and yes to a new you. 


I offer a money back guarantee so if you find that after the first session you feel the programme is not for your, just return the course materials to me and I will begin the process of issuing a full refund. 

Payment plans are available; 2 payments of £330, or 3 payments of £220, 2 payments are to be paid before the 6 week programme starts, the 3rd is to be paid at the second week of the programme.

What others have said about this programme

"It was very tailored to me, and I gained a greater insight of myself; that things can be resolved, mountains can be moved" AD

"I feel more peaceful and in control in so many areas of my life" Alix

"I love the tapping and used it on cravings and feelings with ease" AE

"I learned lots of useful tools to help with life.  Thank you very much Claire" MB