Why invest in yourself?  

Simply, because if you are here it means that you value yourself, your health (whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual) and on some level, you believe you are worth investing in.

And you are right, you really are!

In the long run the fee you pay to feel like your best self will feel worth it and you will be glad that you decided to help yourself. It's an empowering thing to seek and take help, congratulate yourself.

Your journey is very personal and my aim is to enable you to clear your path of all that stands in the way of your best health and to walk forwards with confidence, vitality and self compassion, connected to the authentic you.

* Please note that packages are available for these therapies where the cost can be spread to allow you to focus on the healing.  

Woman in red dress and straw hat standing in a field on beautiful sunflowers; she's loving the world
Energy Psychology Therapies 
Freedom from Emotional Eating Programme               2hrs per week for 6 weeks                                 * £497
In person or online via Zoom

Energy Psychology Techniques (Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Matrix                               
Reimprinting/ Matrix Birth Reimprinting/ Kinetic Shift 
/NLP /Hypnotherapy)                                                                                        1.5hrs                                                * £ 80
In person or online via Zoom
Complete Package: Energy Psychology Techniques (as above)         
PLUS  Energy Healing for a smoother transition                                 2hrs                                                 * £ 110
In person or online via Zoom

EFT for Exam/ Revision Stress for Students                                         

under 24s                                                                                                    1.5hrs                                                  £ 50

In person or online via Zoom

EFT for Children                                                                                       

(5yrs-18yrs: time varies depending on age)                                                  1-1.5hrs                                                £ 50

EFT with Matrix (Birth) Reimprinting and                                           

Maternity or Fertility Reflexology                                                       2.5hrs                                              *  £110 

Tapping Circle                                                                                            2hrs                              per person  £ 20

In your home, Min 5 people- Max 10 people

Topic ideas: Exam stress, Relaxed parenting, Pain,

weight issues/body confidence, anxiety, self sabotage   

Other Therapies 
Reflexology (incl. Maternity/ Fertility)                                                  1hr                                                   £ 40

Energy Healing  (in person or online via zoom)                                            1.5hrs                                              £ 55

Workshops / Training

Energy Basics for the Curious    (small groups)                                     2.5hrs                                               £ 40

Reiki Level 1 training   (small groups)                                                   one day                                             £125

Reiki Level 2 training   (small groups)                                                   one day                                             £150

Reiki Master Practitioner   (small groups)                                            one day                                             £175

Reiki Master Teacher   (small groups)                                                   one day                                             £175

Things to know before you book

Your first session will require a consultation and so will take up to an hour longer than advertised below, and will incur an extra cost of £10.

There is a 24 hour cancellation notice requirement for all treatments, otherwise a 50% fee will be incurred, unless you are unwell with Covid symptoms

How to Make Payments
In person sessions: payment can be made via Cash, Card or BACS. Receipts are given.
Online sessions: payment must be made upon booking, appointment is not confirmed until payment is received.  Payments can be made via BACS- an invoice will be sent via email.  The appointment slot will only be held for 24 hrs following the invoice being sent.