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Chakra Yoga FAQ

What will I need?

  • a phone/ pad/ laptop to log into zoom

  • a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed

  • water

  • notepad and pen

  • cushions or blocks to support you in poses

  • a strap

  • space to lay down

  • blanket to keep you cosy so your body can really relax


What is the format of each workshop?

We begin with a short awareness exercise bringing your attention to one specific chakra, giving you time to note down anything that comes forward.  Lauren will then guide you through a Healing Yoga practice for one hour; this is suitable for all abilities.  Then you will be asked to make yourself comfortable, for a healing meditation lead by Claire and guided by Angels and Light Beings.  There will then be some time at the end of the workshop to share your experiences. You may also want to journal about them for later reflection.

Tell me more about the meditation

The intention of the meditation is to help you reconnect you to your sacred whole self.  By focusing on one chakra each session, we will be guided to release old but damaging  beliefs and feelings that we’ve had about ourselves, and then to bring in empowered, confidence-building, ease-creating and deeply loving ways of being and thinking about ourselves, and reintegrate these aspects. The meditation is guided by Angels and Light Beings.


Do I need to know about chakras?

No, not really.  Just that they are energy centres, mainly aligned through the centre of the body and they can get ‘clogged’ with stuck emotions, negative thought patterns and unhelpful beliefs.  Once they are cleared, our life force energy can flow more easily through the body, which in turn eases pain and enables us to be more like our real selves.


How will I feel different afterwards? 

This is very personal.  The breath work normally helps people feel more at ease, relaxed and alert.  The healing meditation usually leaves people feeling released and connected, empowered and happier. You may feel tired afterwards, this is the body moving into balance and healing and it just needs a little time to do this.


What kind of change should I expect?

Again this is very personal, but it would be usual to feel more contented, to have a greater love for yourself; more accepting of who you are.  You may feel more connected spiritually; knowing that the Divine resides within you.  You may also find that areas of your body move more easily or perhaps symptoms that you struggled with before may ease some.


How do I know my chakras need clearing?

Past experiences with the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that go with that often lead to a slowing down of the energy.  This affects how you feel on a day to day level and so to clear and boost/recharge your chakras would be a wonderful way to improve your well being. 


Is there any learning to do?

No, it’s all about your experience of your body, your energy, and your emotions.  In short it’s about you getting to know you, deeply.


Will I have to have my screen on?

If it possible, yes please.  However it is more important that you feel safe and comfortable as you go through the workshops, so please feel free to make the choice that is right for you.


Will I be cared for in the class?

The group will be relatively small but even so we will ask that you take care of your own emotional needs.  You will be guided every step of the way, but if it feels too much at any point then feel free to ‘step back’ and look after yourself. If you wish to share what you experienced there will be time at the end of each workshop to do so, similarly if you have any questions.


Do I get supported afterwards in some capacity to integrate the work?

We have a private facebook group that you will be invited to join, where you will be able to share experiences with other members of the group, both during and after the series of workshops.  Both Claire and Lauren will monitor the group and provide some guidance.  Should you feel that you need deeper one-to-one support please contact Lauren about yoga practice or Claire with regard to your well being. This would be separate to the Chakra Yoga; A Sacred Journey programme.


I have limited mobility, can I do this programme?

Yes, Lauren will cater for all abilities; we ask that you let us know of any injuries or mobility issues when you sign up.


I don’t have any yoga experience, does this matter?

Not at all; this programme is suitable for all levels including beginners.

Ready to feel the benefits of this Chakra Yoga, a sacred journey?  

Still got something to ask?

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