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External Resources

This page is dedicated to resources from other professionals that I have found interesting, helpful or inspiring.  You may find them useful too!

Dr Bruce Lipton


The cellular biologist delivering his paradigm busting  lecture on the Biology of Belief; how what we think, feel, believe and surround ourselves with is actually what switches genes on and off. 

Heart Math Institute


Dr Rollin McCraty talking about the energy of the brain and the mind and what can be achieved if we bring the two into coherence. And the science behind what we intuitively often feel.

Heart Math Institute

A quick technique on how to connect with yourself and others.

Marisa Peer


Her approach is simple and effective; I love her work.

This video can change the way you approach yourself; if you let it!  There are free mini-courses available on her website.  Click here for her self esteem course.

EAM - Yvette Taylor


I love EAM; it's a great tool to understand what's getting in your way and then release it!

 I use my sway every day to find out info or just to help me clear old stuff that's shown itself to me.

The video on the left is a little about EAM.

Donna Eden - Energy Medicine

A really useful guide to help you balance your meridians on a daily basis using Energy Medicine.

This lady's enthusiasm is infectious!

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