Energy Clearing Readings

Do you have an issue, challenge, block, relationship question that you would love to an insight into?

Would you then liked to be walked through healing energy techniques to clear blocks, address stuck feelings and enable a sense of freedom, relaxation and peace, where you find your best self and are able to be resourceful?

Healing Energy Readings are available to you over skype, so you do not have to be local, or indeed, based in the UK.  It would be expected to take between 60 mins and 90 mins for each reading. Face-to-face readings are also available. 

To get the best out of this Reading, I recommend that you are clear on what it is you want to understand or have a wider perception of. The reading aspect is that I would then sense the energies at play, release any cords that tie you to unhelpful feelings or situations, and then use whatever healing techniques are most appropriate for you and the situation.

A summary of any action or tools/techniques for you to use would be emailed over to you after the session. 

If you are interested in this, please email me at or contact my mobile 07979 381721.

What clients have said about Energy Clearing Readings

Help settling into new home circumstances

I was a potential sceptic at the beginning but as the process continued, I was shocked at how accurate the readings were and felt a complete change by the end of the process. I continue to use the advice from Claire and would recommend this to anyone.

— Dominic, Essex