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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Matrix Reimprinting (MR) and Matrix Birth Reimprinting (MBR)

So, what is EFT and Matrix Reimprinting?

Emotional Freedom Technique, is often called Tapping and is used worldwide from celebrities with anxiety (you may have seen a tiny clip of it on Coronation Street) to children affected by massive trauma in places like Rwanda. ( )

We access the emotions/pain/issue by tapping on meridian points on the upper body and hand.  We then use Matrix Reimprinting to access (at source) and change the negative beliefs that we run as programs, which in turn heavily influences what we perceive, encounter and experience and the way we react to situations in our day to day lives. We then re-imprint an opposite and positive belief so that we begin to create a healthier way of being and one that makes us feel resourceful and more loved.  Matrix Reimprinting is an effective, simple and gentle way to work with inner child issues as well as trauma. 

Together with my clients, we have resolved:

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • driving anxiety

  • flying phobias

  • childhood abuse 

  • migraines 

  • traumatic experiences 

  • traumatic birth

  • still birth

  • resolving issues with loved ones that are no longer with us,

  • fear of the dark 

  • feeling low and disconnected from themselves and others 

  • relationship issues 

  • clearing links to past lives

  • clearing beliefs created inside the womb

  • obsessional thoughts & behaviours

  • emotional eating

  • self sabotage

  • fear of defecation (in a child)

  • hot flushes

  • blocks to creativity

  • self esteem problems

  • food cravings

Matrix Birth Reimprinting is for those who:

  • had a traumatic or difficult delivery, 

  • feel they didn't bond with their own mother

  • feel they didn't bond with their child

  • feel fearful of giving birth

  • had difficulty being born

The way that we are born has a lasting emotional/psychological impact on the way that we go through life. We can work together to clear the emotional pain and embed a happier, healthier and more connected and resourceful version of events. We are not changing what happened but we are providing the subconscious with another possibility for it to reference; it doesn't serve us to run our lives from the unhelpful beliefs that we have put in place.

For further info on how birth trauma affects us see:


How/Where do we tap?

We start with a 'set-up' phrase which allows us to focus on the problem that we experience/emotion we are feeling.  We create the set up phrase using the way we feel about the time/problem/issue and set words at the beginning and end that allow us to begin to accept what we feel e.g. "Even though (I feel this sickness in my stomach when I think of that time) I love and accept myself (anyway)". 


We then tap through the points shown below in the image as highlighted dots, with reminder phrases (e.g all this sickness, sickness in my stomach etc) until the intensity of the problem (at that layer) has dropped.   


It doesn't matter which side you use or if you swap sides as you tap.  I prefer a positive but gentle tapping style, others prefer a firm tapping style, but there doesn't seem to be a hard and fast rule about this.  So be comfortable and kind with yourself!


Not all EFT practitioners use the finger points, but as there are end points of meridians in the fingers that link to organs, and emotions are also stored in the organs, it makes sense to discharge the organs too.

The Tapping Points and Sequence


After the 'set up' where we tap on the karate chop (KC)point, the sequence is easy to remember/second nature, as we tap on the points from the top down.

KC          karate chop- side of the hand, we use several fingers  

1            top of head- is where we traditionally say the crown of the head, so it's towards the back rather than near the forehead.

2            eyebrow- on the bone at the start of the eyebrow

3            side of the eye- follow the eyebrow round, it is on the bone

4            under the eye- on the bone under the eye

5            under nose- is as it says

6            chin- in the little dip

7            collar bone- there is a dip just under the beginning of the collar bone just before the ribs start

8            under the arm- in line with the nipple but round the side (ladies- it's in line with your bra strap)

9            wrist- across the inside of the wrist, use the whole hand

10-14     thumb and fingers- tap on the side of the digits at the level where the bottom of the nail meets the skin


To help cement the positive feeling/release the energy of the problem we will intermittently do what we call a 9-gamut (9G), which involves tapping on the gamut point (see image above) while eye rolling (which provides direct access to the brain via the optic nerve) and humming and counting, this aspect is to get both sides of the brain involved; the creative and the analytical.  It does feel strange to start with but you get used to it quickly.


We investigate the emotion/pain/sensation by honing in on its qualities by asking questions such as: what is it colour, texture, what's it made of, what size is it etc.  This gives us the ability to trace that energy back via tapping, to another time we felt this or the first time, and so we then reach a place where Matrix Reimprinting can be employed to make the massive positive changes.


To help you get started, click here for a handy downloadable guide to Tapping. Or watch the video to help you understand how to tap, there's also another video to explain how/why tapping works  Also, visit my free resources page for some tapping scripts.

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