Exam/Revision Stress Relief Pack £8

An aromatherapy blend in an easy-to-use roller-ball bottle, specifically created for stressed students whether they are overwhelmed by homework, revising, writing essays/dissertations or in the thick of exams.

Age range:

from approx 14-24 years old +


How to use:

Apply blend to inside of wrists and gently inhale.

Use up to 6 times in 24hrs.

Practice the techniques included in the pack as often as desired.


About the blend:

The essential oils are specifically chosen for their therapeutic properties; helping to relax the mind when it feels overwhelmed and as if there is no more space to learn.  It also aims to clear and strengthen the mind, improve memory and concentration, providing a tonic to the nervous system and uplifting the spirits.


Essential oils used & relevant properties

Rosemary stimulates the mind and memory, clears away poor concentration and nervous debility, allowing greater focus.

Basil dissolves intellectual fatigue, clears and strengthens the mind, clears the head, relaxes the nervous system particularly when it is exhausted.

Vetiver is great for when you feel mentally burned out.  It helps us feel grounded and reconnected with ourselves and our bodily needs. It is restorative and relaxing.



Avoid if pregnant, have high blood pressure or are epileptic.

The pack also contains how-to guides for 3 techniques that you may find valuable to help move from overwhelm to relaxed and productive focus. 

Anxiety-Away for Kids Pack     £8

This is designed for children aged 6-13.  I created this blend in response to

having 2 nieces who struggle with anxiety and I wanted to make something

that would help. I have since realised that anxiety in children is a wide

spread problem and so I created a pack with other techniques too. 

The blend, in a 10ml roller ball bottle for easy application, is aimed at

soothing and relaxing the nervous system and contains oils that help the

child have a more flexible and uplifted outlook; to help them feel more

carefree and 'child' like. 

The pack also contains 3 how to guides for techniques that can be used

anywhere when feelings become too much.  

Age range:

from 5 to approx 16 years old


How to use:

Apply blend to inside of wrists and gently inhale.

Use up to 6 times in 24hrs.

Practice the techniques included in the pack as often as desired.


About the blend:

The essential oils are specifically chosen for their therapeutic properties; soothing the nervous system, relaxing the body and mind, relieving symptoms of anxiety, bringing confidence and creating feelings of optimism.


Essential oils used & relevant properties:

Sweet orange is great for kids.  It is said to help soothe the tummy and aid sleep.  It is a cheerful oil and is useful for when we take life too seriously; feeding the soul a sense of joy.

Jasmine has anti-depressant properties and soothes the mind as well as the emotions.  It is said to be confidence building, develops playfulness, diminishing fear.

Sandalwood quietens mental chatter, relaxes the nerves and so releases stress and anxiety.  It can also help with sleep. On an energetic level it also positively impacts all the major chakras.



Avoid if pregnant

You may feel that your child would benefit from direct help too, if so please get in contact and see if we can work together to help your child.  Please note that if the child is under 6   I would recommend that the main caregiver/s and I work together before working directly with the child.  The reason for this is often the child is picking up on other tensions in the home and this would need to be addressed.  

Chakra Balancing Body Scrub   £10

This Himalayan salt scrub with essential oils was created to help cleanse

your energy and balance your chakras.  I recommend using it as a special

treatment at times where you are surrounded by heavy or negative

energy, when you're feeling heavy, or perhaps as part of a cleansing

ritual at the new moon or full moon times; there's no wrong time to

use it! Using it while in the bath gives you the time to allow the oils

to do their job.  

Age range:

From 16+


How to use:

Stir well and then apply  to the body, once wet, when bathing or showering. Allow yourself to relax with the gentle aromas of the blend before rinsing off. Avoid the face.


About the blend:

The essential oils are specifically chosen for their therapeutic properties; cleansing and balancing the chakras, revitalising the energy systems, releasing tension and allowing a sense of ease. This shift in your energy then translates to your every day life.


Essential oils used & relevant properties:

Sandalwood links the base and crown chakras.  It connects also with the heart, throat and sacral chakras.

Rose is the oil of love in all its forms; self love, love for others and compassion.  It also inspires creativity.  The Angels are drawn to rose oil too!

Neroli calms and purifies the mind and body and so connects with the 8th chakra;  the higher self.

Frankincense is meditative oil for the mind and body.  It also helps cut ties with the past.

Lavender is balancing  and particularly ideal for balancing extremes of emotion.  It is linked to the solar plexus chakra.



Avoid if pregnant


Hormone Balancing Body Lotion for Teenage Girls 

This body lotion is all about balancing and harmonising the cycles of a teenage girl including the mood swings and the poor sleeping habits!  Another one of my nieces was the inspiration for this; she loves the aroma and the fact that it really helps her sleep. And because it was made for her I guess it has a special feel too.  Maybe your teenager would love that this was blended for her too?!

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