What's new and what's coming soon?

Meditation circle;

aided by Angels and Light Beings

***New monthly gathering***

Ready to release all the old energy that's been left over from the past 6 months of stress and turmoil?

Feel a bit off-kilter?
Feel that you need a boost but not sure how to do that?

New to meditation?

Or perhaps you love meditation, particularly in a group?



Then please join me, on zoom,

as we gather together,

for a cleansing meditation.

beginning Friday 11th September 2020

9.15-10.45 am (UK time)

With the guidance of Angels and other Light Beings we will release the old energy that's weighing us down, and then align ourselves to feelings of being relaxed, centered, confident, connected and empowered, bringing whatever healing is needed.


This event is a 'pay from the heart' event,

which means pay what you can.

Yes, really!

A minimum of £10 is recommended,

so that I can begin to cover the costs incurred to run a group gathering online.

Of course, if you can afford to pay more, please do;

it offsets those who are unable to.

I am intending to do this as a monthly event, with the possibility of an additional one in the evening too. 


Each gathering will focus on a different area in need of balancing. 

To join me please direct message me via facebook or email me on: claire@yoursoulenergy.uk

Payment can be made here:

Or via bank transfer, just message me and let me know.

Zoom link will be sent out a few days before

we gather together.


Chakra Yoga; a Sacred Journey

I am so excited to bring you this reconnecting and healing programme with my wonderful Yoga teacher Lauren Baverstock. 

We will be doing a deep dive of connecting and healing each chakra in turn, with a final week where we'll be present for all of the 7 main chakras together.

The yoga is suitable for all levels and is followed by a deep healing mediation.

For more info, please look at my Chakra Yoga page




Been hearing about chakras and auras?  Been told to ground yourself? Heard about protecting your energy?  Is it all as clear as mud to you?

Then this interactive online workshop might be just for you.  It's aimed to give you a simple over view of the basics that most of us could do with understanding about ourselves, energetically speaking. 

We will also play with the energy of colour, so you may experience for yourself how colour affects you. 

We have a  look at an effective symbol for connection. 

We learn ways to ground, protect and cleanse our energies and have a go at practising them.

We learn a bit about the aura, meridians and chakras. Plus ways to soothe and strengthen our energy and nervous system.

We learn how and why it's great to set intentions and to offer gratitude. 

We finish with a wonderful meditation to connect you with Mother Earth and and Heavenly energies. 

My aim is that you will be able to bring the techniques into your life for the good of you and your loved ones.  




Via Zoom

Handouts are supplied in PDF format.

To book please use the Paypal link below.  Please include, in the notes section, your full name, email address and best contact number 



If you don't like to use paypal, email me directly and I'll send you an invoice. 

email: claire@yoursoulenergy.uk

07979 381721

I very much look forward to playing in the energy field with you.