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Love yoga and want to deepen your practice?

Our Chakra Yoga; a Sacred Journey programme will take you there 

Do you get frustrated with yourself for not staying focused on your breath and getting into a meditative state, instead getting carried away with the thoughts in your mind?

Do you wish for a deeper spiritual practice within your yoga?

Would you like to access greater flexibility in your body?


Many of us struggle with these very issues; telling yourself off because you’ve lost focus on your breath and then the mental chatter keeps getting in the way.  You think you may not be focusing right and that’s why you can’t connect to the spiritual aspect of your practice. You'd like more time to meditate in your practice. Or it bugs you that you aren't any deeper in a pose after months or years of practice.

You still love yoga, but it’s not doing all that you want it to do.

The truth is you are not doing anything wrong. It is hard to stay focused on the breath.  And you already know that the spiritual practice aspect of yoga isn’t found in a busy mind or even an absence of thought. Sometimes your body isn't ready to release what is holding it back from going deeper into a pose; it wants you to understand why it's like that. 

What you really need is consistent guidance to focus on the breath and to begin to notice what’s really going on for you.  You need space and time to enter a meditative state and connect gently yet deeply with your body, with your energy; allowing your spiritual practice to grow. You need to know how and where to direct your awareness to build upon all of these aspects and create a sense of spaciousness. 


Our Chakra Yoga; a Sacred Journey programme will take you through the steps to acknowledge, engage and clear each of your energy centres, the chakras. You will learn to:

  • Focus on the breath and the journey of the breath; giving you a way into a consistent practice

  • Work with your mind, instead of trying to control it

  • Connect to your energy of each chakra in turn, gently becoming becoming aware of any held emotions, mental patterns or perceived blocks

  • Understand what is being held in your body and why it is stopping you from connecting with yourself more deeply.

  • Replace the old energy with supportive and loving feelings and ideas

  • Energise your chakras

The programme will lead you to a sense of greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.  You can then move towards a complete love of who you are in your uniqueness, with a deeper spiritual connection and a genuine sense of peace within you.

Who are your Guides?

Lauren Baverstock, as a yoga teacher and through personal passion, has explored the energetics of movement, breath work and yoga, enabling her to create this yoga programme for all levels of abilities and needs. Her Yoga for Healing incorporates all of this with various Eastern lineages; helping you to connect with your own life force energy, bringing balance, ease and peace to your mind and body.  Her website is

Lauren Baverstock Yoga Teacher

Claire Williams is an Energy Therapist and a meditation leader focusing on emotional well being. She has worked with hundreds of clients, gently enabling them to acknowledge painful experiences and what it meant to them.  Then to release the emotions, the story and the pain connected with those experiences, moving into energetic balance and allowing a deep and loving acceptance of all aspects of themselves, helping to recognise that they are whole. She has also been practising yoga for over 4 years.  Her website is

Claire Williams Energy Therapist

How this works

This Sacred Journey is made up of 8 workshops, each are 2 hours long and they are online on Zoom. the links will be provided by email.

The workshops starts at 6.30pm and will finish at 8.30pm UK time.

Each workshop will be recorded and you will be able to download it, should you be unable to join us live.  You can then follow the programme again as often as you wish.

Below are the dates and of each workshop and the corresponding chakra you will be exploring. You will notice that there is often two weeks between the workshops; this is so that you have extra integration time until you become more familiar with this Sacred Journey, this will be time to care for yourself, to notice your positive changes and to look forward to the next one.

TBC - Root Chakra        

TBC - Sacral Chakra

TBC - Solar Plexus Chakra

TBC - Heart Chakra

TBC - Throat Chakra

TBC - Third Eye Chakra

TBC - Crown Chakra

TBC - Final cleansing and boost for all 7 main Chakras

chakra yoga meditation

Numbers; we are limiting the group size to 15 participants for each workshop. 



Chakra Yoga; a Sacred Journey is £200 this includes:

  • the 8 live sessions

  • access to the 8 recordings 

  • access to our Sacred Chakra Yoga facebook group and

  • additional information about the chakras.

Ready to join us to experience yoga as a deep energy transformation?


Click buy now and it will open in Paypal. 

If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, please let us know by emailing for bank details:

If you would love to join us but need space to pay in instalments, please just ask; we can do this together! Click to email Claire.

Interested but have questions?

Have a look at our FAQ page first and if your question isn't there, email us here:

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