Aromatherapy Massage                                  


Aromatherapy works on a holistic level by addressing the complexity of the whole self, encompassing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects and selecting the Essential Oils most suitable and complementary carrier Oils.  The aim of the treatment is to aid the healing of the whole self by the Self.


Essential Oils are distilled, extracted or expressed from barks, leaves, flowers and resins of plants and trees.  Each Essential Oil and indeed Carrier Oil, has various therapeutic properties, the value of which are considered when a blend is made for a client following a consultation.  


In aromatherapy massage, the blend usually has a mix of three Essential Oils for a body mix, and one or two for a facial massage. 


I use the same massage movements as in the Swedish Massage (see below) but with less pressure to allow the oils to do their work in a soothing environment.  The massage will relax the body and mind, stimulate the circulatory systems to cleanse the physical body, while the Essential Oils activate the the olfactory centre in the brain and the compounds within the oils work in their therapeutic ways.

I also tune into the subtle energies at play to try to communicate and then ease any specific issues that are manifesting themselves as pain or tension



If preferred, an aromatherapy treatment does not need to involve massage...maybe you fancy having an aromatherapy body lotion, facial moisturiser, facial oil or a shower/bath gel made specifically for you and your skin? 

If so, come to see me for a consultation (fixed cost of £10), and I will then be able to create the skincare for you using bases and a blend of essential oils costing between £5-£10 per jar/bottle. 

Imagine soaking yourself in a relaxing frankincense and rose bath, or waking yourself up in a bright, vibrant citrus shower. Maybe moisturising with your favourite sumptuous or floral aromas appeals to you. The choice is most definitely yours! You can also have repeat recipes made up, or if you fancy a change, we can revisit the recipe. 

Sounds great doesn't it, so maybe you'd like to share this. It could be an ideal gift for a friend or loved one. 

This service can also be offered as a mobile service, so maybe you have an elderly relative who could do with a treat. Or perhaps have a pamper party!

Please note that products are not made up at the consultation but within    5-10 days.

Aromatherapy Mssage, Essential Oils
Essential oils

A bit about massage in general 

Everyone can benefit from a therapeutic massage treatment, as a preventative measure to maintain good health or to help with a specific problem.  In the UK a Swedish massage is often thought of as a luxury, and although it may feel that way, the positive effects mean that it is far more than that.   Like regular exercise, massage benefits all of the various systems in the body, promoting physical as well as mental well-being in a variety of ways and everyone can benefit from a treatment.

The specific long, flowing strokes to work the superficial muscles and connective tissue over deep muscles and bones.  It relieves tension, soreness and stiffness in the muscles, increases circulation and aids lymphatic drainage which supports the elimination of metabolic waste products.  This is particularly necessary after sports, exercise or when muscles/joints have been less mobile or have been immobile due to tension. In addition, the tone of both muscle and skin is also improved, joints are gently mobilized and the mind and body unwind.

In addition to Swedish Massage movements, I also incorporate ‘no hands’ massage movements to give a deeper massage, without discomfort to aid the further relaxation of the muscles.


Swedish massage therapy is very effective at relieving anxiety and is often used to help alleviate the symptoms of stress and depression. It’s impossible to feel stressed during and after a Swedish massage. The pressure applied during the massage relaxes tight muscles and relieves tension. The stimulation to the skin is deeply relaxing, and it is common to feel a deeper sense of connectedness with your body during a Swedish massage.  You become more aware of the muscles of your body as they are massaged, and this helps clear the mind of anxiety and dissipate depression. Swedish massage also promotes healthy sleep, which is one more way it helps the body heal itself. Whether insomnia or poor sleep is related to depression, anxiety, the onset of aging, or illness, Swedish massage can promote better sleep. This in turn can support the healthy function of the immune system, relieve anxiety and depression, and support energy levels.

Areas of the body that can be treated