Adventures in the Matrix

There's no long black leather coats here, but sometimes it really can all feel other-worldly just like the movies!


On this page will be little 'healing' type experiences that have taken place in the Matrix (using Matrix Reimprinting).  When we work in the matrix we are working in a way that can feel like a dream space where anything can happen, but it is always to the benefit of those involved in the memory or situation. This is the space where we communicate with the subconscious and also our higher selves; we gain understanding of ourselves and others too.  The process may feel very subtle but it is effective for ourselves and there are usually lovely healing effects for those around us too.

November 07, 2015

Meeting my Business

I recently did an exercise from Susie Shelmerdine’s book “Your EFT Business”  Using EFT/Matrix Reimprinting I asked my business to come forward and meet me.  Strange concept I know, but let me share with you the little adventure that played out.

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Golden Labrador with it's head on a black Labrador, as they stand in a garden