About Me

I'm Claire, based in Halstead Essex

and I'm here to help you rediscover your bright, shiny self!

Claire Williams, in a blue dress against a backdrop of flowers

How would I do that?

By using the various lovely (and often quite astounding) techniques that I have spent a lot of time studying and practising; It's my passion! Truly!

We can use Energy Psychology techniques such as EFT/MR (Emotional Freedom Technique with Matrix Reimprinting), Kinetic Shift or Matrix Birth Reimprinting. 

Or we can work on a more 'hands-on way with Energy Healing or Reflexology (with my Energy Based 'twist').

My private practice, based in Halstead, Essex, also includes working with adults with learning difficulties, which often requires adaptation in order to fit the treatment in with the client's particular needs, but is always fun and very rewarding.  

In addition, for 2.5 years I volunteered one day a week at St Helena's Hospice offering massage, reflexology and Reiki; I feel it was a true privilege to share the end of life journey with these lovely people; I learned much from them. 


If you really want to know more, keep on reading, otherwise have a look around and see what I can do to help you, after all this is why you are here, isn't it?!  

Ok, so you're still here and you want to know more, so here goes....


Long, long ago, there was a strange 6 year old girl who had a fascination for the human body, at that time it manifested as projects on diseases (her teacher thought this a bit morbid), but she enjoyed learning about how the body fought disease and how it healed itself.  This fascination continues to this day, though primarily with the way that the body uses high frequency energy to heal and what the messages of the dis-eased body are trying to tell us.  


Obviously this little girl was me, no brownie points for guessing that!  But I also had a love of making potions and using essential oils which probably began with a beauty business that my Nan and our family friend Jean set up; the products used to smell divine and look good enough to eat.  This took a bigger, independent step forward when I walked into Neal's Yard in Covent garden when I was 18 years old and was hit by the amazing aromas (I know many find this too heady, but I loved it!), the mysticism and the bountiful possibilities....I was hooked!


I wasn't able to follow any formal training for approximately 12 years, but I dabbled at home with oils, making moisturisers and potions for myself.  Then I was able to get onto a little aromatherapy introductory course that fitted in with work and the family where we made more potions, bath bombs and learned basic massage techniques, this was all I needed to start the snowball rolling.


Then came the hard work that led to my qualifications so that I could do what I love, for real, with the general public, not just willing friends! Since then, from about mid 2012 I have delved into areas of healing I never even knew existed, primarily energy healing such as Quantum Touch (QT), but also Reiki and Angelic Reiki.  I have been and continue to be, amazed and delighted by the wonderful empowering effects of QT, please see testimonials to see what others have to say about it.  


Then in January 2015 I was floored by Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting (EFT & MR).  I feel privileged that I trained with EFT Master, and Matrix Reimprinting founder, Karl Dawson (see www.matrixreimprinting.com), and since attaining practitioner status in both these techniques I have been wonderfully surprised by the significant differences it has made to me, my colleagues and my clients; I can honestly say it has changed my life and my approach to stress and has engendered self compassion.  So much so that I have set up a Freedom Emotional Eating Programme.  In this process my belief in myself has increased and I feel calm and peaceful most of the time, and understand why I am triggered when i find that I am not my best self!  I feel EFT is something that everyone (no matter how young or old) should be able to do and I would love to help you on your way!


So this is where I am now, ridiculously enthusiastic to show you how you really can be the shiny, happy, brighter version of yourself.  

Oh and that snowball....it's still rolling, there's always more to learn and to give!

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